Friday, September 23, 2011


I asked Jeston this morning whether he want me to drive him to school or take Mrt. He replied "What if u bang the wall?" Although he decide to take the Mrt, I made up my mind to give it a try.

Luckily daddy parked the car on the 2nd floor. Stupid me got stuck again on the right wheel. I reversed twice and tried again. Phew! Fortunately the driver behind me was very patient and did not horn at me.

I made my way to his school. Was chanting hard that there were car park lots available in the school car park. Had wanted to park near the shelter but it was occupied by a van.

My prayers were answered. There were 2 available lots. I just drove the car directly in. Saw Jeston's classmate's daddy waiting in the car. Jeston said "Mummy, u did it!" haha...I dropped him in school and drove my way back home. There was a lot on the ground floor. Really lucky.

I spotted the lot on my left side mirror and reversed in slowly using both side mirrors. The car was a bit slanted so I took a while to park it properly. Was glad that I did it. It really takes practice to master the driving skill.

We fetched Jeston from school together with my MIL and headed to City Square Mall for lunch at Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. We did not order the set lunch as we wanna utilize the vouchers. My MIL & James complimented the fried rice & noodles. Remaining food so so only.

Met my ex-colls, Jas, Jamie, Fook Keong, Boon Hwee & Fong Kuan for dinner @ Coca @ Taka. The food contained lotsa msg. Felt so thirsty thereafter. As Fong Kuan had $100 voucher, we paid $25 each.

The shabu shabu pork was not bad. Had dumplings, oyster, cockles, prawns, etc. We had a good catch up though a handful did not turn up due to individual commitments.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st lesson @ L Central

Jeston arrived in school shortly before the school bus arrived. There was a recent HFMD case in his school where the affected student was in the same session as him. Was a bit worried when we overheard him coughing during his sleep last night.

I started to feed him the colostrum bought from GNC which was supposed to improve his immune system. Though it's the best to rely on natural nutrients like fruits and vegetables.

Daddy had a health test at SGH today. He was supposed to admit at 3pm today and discharged at 1pm tomorrow. I was tidying the bedroom and left to take the bus at 5 plus.

Waited for more than 10 mins for the bus and had to walk a distance to my MIL's place to pick up Jeston. Wanted to drive but I'm afraid I may take a long time to park when I return unless there's car park lot on the ground floor.

We waited a while for the bus at my MIL's place, took Mrt then switched to bus again. Reached L Central on the dot. Phew! Class has not yet commenced. The staff brought him to the classroom while I complete the registration form.

Registration fee was waived for popular card members plus 10% discount off next term's fees. After I'm done with the registration, I asked the staff for nearby coffee shop. Was told a cafe existed opposite and other restaurants nearby.

Decided to pop into the cafe called Have U eaten cafe. Tried the Ham, Mushroom Aglio Olio spaghetti ($7.90) which was recommended and latte ($2.50). The spaghetti was not too bad though a bit oily. The cafe was quite deserted as I was the only diner.

Returned to the school to wait for him while browsing through the books & magazine. He was allowed to borrow 2 books from the mini library. He borrowed "Red Riding Hood" & "The Earth". We haven't started on these 2 books as he's reading 三字经 every night.

He enjoyed the class and I could hear him laughing when I was waiting outside for him. Was glad that he has grown more mature and enjoyed the lesson compared to half a year ago. I checked with teacher Monica who commented his friends helped him and he showed interest in the lesson.